Breaking B(re)ad: Homemade soft and fresh bread (recipe included)

To keep your kitchen running at all times, you need a few essentials on hand. Bread is one of the main kitchen foods used in everyday cooking. Whether it’s a morning breakfast or an evening snack, a late-night munch, or even some quick fix for a sweet craving, bread is everyone’s go-to food for anytime hunger. While bread is readily available in local stores around us, homemade bread has an inexplicably different charm. If you agree with us, join us in making this soft, light and wonderfully fresh plain white bread recipe.

It’s a myth that making bread is a long and tedious process. Instead, it’s simple and spends most of the time rising the dough and baking the bread in the oven, which is just the waiting phase.

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But is making your own bread worth it?

Yes. First, it is paraben-free and hygienic. And are you sure there are no artificial ingredients in your bread. Best of all, this white bread recipe gives you a soft, soft loaf that you miss in most store-bought loaves.

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What is the main ingredient for making bread?

The basic ingredients for making plain white bread are all-purpose flour, yeast, eggs, milk, and some sugar, salt, and oil. If you want to make eggless bread, you can omit the egg and increase the amount of milk to fill its place.


How to Make Bread at Home My Homemade White Bread Recipe:

Making bread from scratch can take up to two hours, which includes rising, baking, and resting time. So, budget your time accordingly.

Click here for a step-by-step recipe for white bread.

When making bread, be sure to have your yeast mix ready to rise. Mix the yeast powder with warm sugary water and let it sit for about 10 minutes to foam. Meanwhile, sift the flour. Add salt and oil. Knead the dough well with yeast liquid until it is firm and elastic, then let it rest for fermentation. Then knead again and allow it to rise a second time. Put the dough into the molds, brush with the custard mixture, and bake in the preheated oven.

Make your own bread and enjoy the warmth of our efforts at your favorite place Dishes based on bread.

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