Christmas 2022: 5 best rum brands in India to celebrate the festive spirit

Christmas is all about celebration, and it wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of rum. Rum is widely consumed during this season. The liquid is clear or dark amber and is made from sugarcane juice or cane molasses. Whether it’s soft drinks, water or cocktails, we love to make the most of this strong spirit. That’s not all. Rum is one of the main ingredients in the Christmas Special Plum Cake and Chocolate Rum Balls. Apart from being a versatile drink, rum also helps to warm our body and soul. During this festive season, we have listed for you some of the best rum brands in India that might add to the festivities. continue reading.

Here are 5 of the best rum brands in India:

1. The old monk:

Old Monk is a classic with its own devoted fan base. Launched in 1935, the brand is considered to be one of the largest Indian-made foreign liqueur brands in the world. It is blended using the most traditional techniques and has an alcohol content of up to 42.8%. This spirit has become a popular choice due to its sweetness and aroma.

Some of the most popular variations of Old Monk are Rum 7 Years, Very Old Vatted XXX Rum, Reserve 12 Years, XXX Gold Rum and XXX Rum.

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Image source: Old Monk official website

2. Bacardi:

One of the most awarded rum brands in the world, it was founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. Light and well-balanced, this spirit is the perfect drink straight out or in your favorite rum cocktail.

The most popular Bacardi rum variants are, Gold, Black, Premium and Lemon.

3. Captain Morgan:

“Live like a captain,” reads the brand’s label. Captain Morgan, named after Sir Henry Morgan, is a product of the British wine group Diageo. It is a dark rum with a full-bodied texture and rich taste, which is popular with everyone. The Captain Morgan is aged in oak barrels to bring out the full bodied flavour.

The most popular Captain Morgan variants are Original Spiced Gold and Dark Rum.

4. Malibu:

It is one of the best-selling rum brands in India. In fact, what makes Malibu so special is that it’s not exactly rum, but a rum with an alcohol content of 21% to 24%. Known for its coconut-flavored variant, Malibu has a rich aroma and offers you a cocktail spirit for every occasion.

The most popular Malibu variants are Original, passion fruit, lime and pineapple.

5. Sword:

The 10-year-old blended rum has a sweet taste and a smooth taste, which is very suitable for those who are new to spirits. It is distilled in oak barrels and adds a woody and earthy flavor to the drink. Our favorite is the spirit’s buttery aftertaste when served mixed with soft drinks and water.


Sober rum:

We also offer options for teetotalers. This is Sober Rum – a non-alcoholic spirit. You heard us. This spiced rum combines spicy and tropical flavors of vanilla, pineapple, cocoa nibs and cloves to add a refreshing twist to your drinking. You can substitute it for regular rum and pair it with a variety of mixed drinks such as tonic water, water, juice or whatever you like to add to rum.

What’s in your spirit this holiday season? Please share with us in the comments below.

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