Does Rahul Gandhi break the spell of fear in the face of ‘Nafrat’?

A sort of Comment Music maestro TM Krishna after briefly joining Rahul Gandhi Bharat Pure Land Pilgrimage I am interested in Madhya Pradesh. “The atmosphere exudes positivity and joy,” Krishna said, adding that around him he saw “not the pampering smile of joy, not the smile of a winner, but the smile of fraternity.”

Rahul himself provided a quotation When he announced that he was building a shop of Love in a market hatred.

For some time now we have been hearing loud and blatantly illegal calls to harass and even exterminate Muslims in India. The recent announcement by the Maharashtra state government of a panel to monitor interfaith marriages is just a new, if indirect, salvo into the ongoing nationwide campaign to demonize minorities in India. Faced with such fire, India’s politicians have mostly balked on the issue, fearing that any protection for Muslims would alienate the country’s 80 percent Hindus.

by openly confronting hateRahul Gandhi pilgrimage May have broken the spell of fear. Bharat Pure Land It turned out to be a pretty good slogan. This is also necessary. The two accompanying slogans highlighted by Rahul, “Lower prices!” and “Provide jobs!” also made perfect political sense.

While I haven’t seen any polls on this issue, I bet the vast majority of Hindus in India are against demonization and favoritism of minorities Bharat Pure Land The vast majority of Indian Muslims and Christians respect the worth of their fellow Hindus.Even so, despite Pilgrims With undoubted impact (and quite significant, given the media neglect), it’s not at all clear that the pilgrimage made Congress stronger.A much-needed reaffirmation during the meeting pilgrimage India belongs to all equally and the unification of India has a stake for all and this can only be the beginning of any serious Congress renaissance. Much of the work remains to be done.

Indians are now wondering if Congress has the incentive to mobilize and engage the masses. The answer cannot come primarily from Rahul Gandhi or Mallikarjun Kharge but from Congress leaders across India and at all levels.

Anyone who has studied history knows that in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, the Congress Party was most closely connected with the Indian people, and many leaders across the country often spoke out, wrote letters, protested, marched and incurred punishment. Not just Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel and Subhas Chandra Bose. Today, it is impossible to expect Kharge or Rahul, or both, to change the current Congress organization on their own.

Although Narendra Modi is the undisputed leader of the BJP, many in the party and RSS family Give voice to majoritarianism, directly or indirectly. How many people in Congress are active or outspoken advocates of Bharat Jodo and equal rights for Indians of any background?

Occasionally, we hear Shashi Tharoor or Kanhaiya Kumar or Jignesh Mevani – or Jairam Ramesh, Ashok Gehlot, Bhupesh Baghel or P. Chidambaram – say something along these lines, but it certainly takes a thousand Voice?

and hundreds of writers. If there exists a Congressional Journal in which individual party operatives or leaders express their unequivocal (and, when needed, dissenting) opinions on the challenges facing our country, we have not heard of them. Every week, the majority makes dozens of anti-constitutional and polarizing statements. Only a few will be swiftly or decisively pushed back, whether in speech or in print, by alarmed congressional leaders. Of course, whether our mass media reports any such counterattacks is another matter.

In a day of hatred and isolation market, Rahul Gandhi’s “Everyone” is certainly not enough. Is it Rahul’s fault or Mallikarjun Kharge’s fault if no one else in Congress has set up such a ‘shop’? If other MPs want to speak up to preserve (or restore) a free, equal and fraternal India, why are they waiting for permission from Kharge or Rahul? Inherent rights are not protected by the license of others.

I am not saying that democratic rights are the only problem facing India. As Rahul also pointed out, price is as important as job opportunities. However, it is far better to stand up for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and lose an election than to pretend that there is no struggle for democratic rights in India today.

Another thing Rahul said recently is both important and necessary. He said Congress wanted to work with all other opposition parties to defend democracy.

Excellent. But what about Congress’ ability to wrest failure from successful minions in friendly territory? More than one commentator said that given the unpopularity of the current BJP government in Karnataka, the only way Congress can fail in the state next year is if Siddaramiah and DK Shivakumar see each other as real opponents, not the BJP.

Is it only Kharge or Rahul Gandhi who can ensure that Karnataka’s two stalwarts remain united? Also, can Rahul Gandhi or Kharge bring about or force unity between the two experienced leaders? I bring this up to emphasize the unreasonable demand that Rahul Gandhi or Khargh himself should somehow change the Congress organization one by one.

However calculated, Bharat Pure Land Pilgrimage What ended up being a milestone in Rahul Gandhi’s story, his intimacy with his steady stream of citizens was as impressive as his physical prowess on the Long March.whether pilgrimage It also led to a marked intensification of India’s struggle for democratic rights, largely determined not by what Rahul Gandhi does henceforth, but by Congress and a range of opposition parties What other people did or didn’t do.

(Rajmohan Gandhi’s latest book is India After 1947: Reflections and Remembrances)

Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of the authors.

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