Man flees after stabbing woman multiple times on busy Karnataka road on CCTV

The man later attempted suicide by taking poison.


CCTV footage has shown a man killing a woman by repeatedly stabbing her with a knife on a busy road in Davanagere, Karnataka state. The woman, Sultana, can be seen sitting on a stationary scooter while talking to a man standing in the road. Suddenly, he started stabbing her and ran away, escaping the scene on his motorcycle. The man later attempted suicide by taking poison.

Police said Sadath alias Chand Pir fell in love with Sultana. However, she has no interest in him. Her family also did not agree to his request to marry her. When Sultana becomes engaged to another man, Chandler Peel so enrages him that he plans to murder her.

On the busy road, he stabbed her multiple times. Both were rushed to hospital immediately. Sultana died from blood loss while Chand Pir was fighting for his life, the senior police officer said.

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