Saudi Arabia bans abayas in exam rooms, requires school girls to wear school uniforms

In 2018, it was announced that robes would no longer be legally enforced.

Saudi Arabian government agency has allegedly banned the wearing of ‘robes’ in exam rooms at educational institutions the whole country.

The Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Council, the body responsible for approving education and training systems, made the decision. The decision also concerns the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.

Female students will no longer be allowed to wear gowns during exams, according to the administration. They will now have to wear their school uniform in the exam room, which must also adhere to the norms of public decency.

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this news media It was further reported that in 2018, it was announced that the abaya would no longer be legally enforced, although some women in the country continued to wear them. Women in the Bay Area also wear traditional black and more vibrantly colored light blue and pink robes.

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according to gulf newsThe Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Council (ETEC), together with the Ministry of Education, is a government agency responsible for planning, assessing, assessing and accrediting education and training institutions in Saudi Arabia. ETEC is a government organization that is independent in its legal and financial operations and is directly accountable to the Prime Minister. It was established in 2017 by Decree No. 120 of the Council of Ministers.

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