This unique dessert from Spain’s 3-star Michelin restaurant has the internet baffled

How many of you are hardcore dessert lovers? Well, the joy of digging into a wholesome sweet treat can’t be beat. Whether it’s a homemade dessert or any other exotic dessert, there’s always room for dessert at the end of a good meal. correct? However, when we talk about desserts, what names come to mind? Maybe, cakes, cookies, chocolate, cheesecake, Carrot Hawa, rasmalay either Gulab Jamun? We’re sure there could be many names. However, the way the dessert was served made it even more amazing. There are so many restaurants and food outlets choosing really creative ways to serve desserts to catch the eye. Now we want you to take a look at an interesting dessert update straight from a restaurant in Spain.

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Notably, El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Spain has three Michelin stars. Special dessert videos from this place are gaining popularity on Reddit. Well, it surprises users. Why? Because it’s not your average dessert that you usually see. This dish looks amazing and bizarre. It is like a cloud flying in the sky. Curious, eh? Let’s spill the beans. In the video, we can see a chef serving up the cloud-like dessert on a plate. What is that, though? It’s a cake, and also a mass of distilled mushrooms, fixed on a plate that would otherwise fly to the ceiling.

People can’t help but drop their opinion on the dessert in the comments section.

“Mold in the air,” wrote one user.

Another mentioned, “Distilled…mushrooms?? Dessert? I’d be sad if someone fed me distilled mushrooms for dessert. I thought it would at least taste like vanilla or something pretty tasty. But no, it tasted Probably like the essence of fungus.”

One comment read: “I’ve never had dessert and thought ‘you know what’s missing here? Mushrooms.'”

“So it’s air and mushrooms. Dessert? I’ll have brownies thanks,” one person wrote.

Someone said, “Wow, that sounds interesting, but have you ever put a donut in the microwave?”

What do you think of this unique dessert?

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