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We grew up eating typical Indian chaats and curries, which raised the bar for how spicy our food should be. It’s true that our desi flavors can handle any amount of spice, but sometimes, it gets too hot to handle, even for us. Mistakes are bound to happen when cooking. Even when trying to use spices sparingly, the measurements can go wrong and our dishes ended up being spicier than we expected. So what to do? We can’t eliminate a bug, but we can definitely fix it. how? continue reading.

One thing you should know is that you can’t really remove too much spiciness from a cooked dish, but you can bring it down by balancing the flavors. Here are some quick-fix tips we follow when our dishes get a little too spicy.

Here are 5 tips for reducing extra spiciness in food:

1. Add sweetener:

The best way to eliminate spice from food is to combine it with the contrasting flavor of a sweetener. Choose sweeteners according to the type of dish. For example, add some honey to salads, raita, sandwiches, dips, and chutneys.Sugar balances pasta and curry. but remember to add only a little sweetener.

2. Add base ingredients

It’s really simple. If you cook a cheese dish, add more cheese, if you cook pasta with vegetables, add more vegetables or cook more pasta, then add. Do you understand? Adding more food will reduce the spice level of the whole dish.

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Paneer, or chicken, adds to the base of the dish to balance out the spiciness.

3. Bring Some Acidity

Acidic foods can reduce spices by a small amount.A good idea is to add some lime juice as it replenishes most foodYou can also choose vinegar according to the dishes, or some sweet and sour tomato sauce.

4. Add potatoes

Potatoes do two wonderful things. It has a porous texture that helps absorb excess spice, and the sugar in the potatoes leaches into the food to balance the flavors. Add chopped or whole boiled potatoes. You can even remove them after submerging them in water and letting them sit for a while.

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Add some potatoes to make the gravy less spicy. Photo: iStock

5. Milk Dairy Benefits

Dairy products such as milk, curd, cream, and sour cream can neutralize the spiciness of the dish. You can choose according to the type of dish you cook.Go for curd if you don’t mind some extra sourness; if there is some range creamyadd some milk or cream, etc.

Use these tips to add spice to your too-spicy meals for a delicious meal.

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