India started using the nasal vaccine today.where can you get it

New Delhi:
The government today approved the inclusion of the intranasal Covid vaccine as a booster dose in the vaccination program for adults. Its addition to the list comes amid a spike in cases in China and some other countries.

Here’s a 5-point cheat sheet on nasal vaccines:

  1. The Indian-made two-drop nasal vaccine iNCOVACC will be launched on the Co-WIN platform tonight.

  2. The vaccine, produced by Bharat Biotech, is currently only available in private centres.

  3. People who have taken Covishield and Covaxin can take the nasal vaccine as a heterologous booster.

  4. In a heterologous booster immunization, a person receives a different vaccine than the one used for the primary dose series.

  5. The needle-free vaccine was approved by India’s Medicines Regulatory Agency in November, with restricted use in emergency situations.

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