Kartik Aaryan sets up a “table for two” to sample Gujarati Tali. can we join

Kartik Aaryan is rightly putting all his energy into his upcoming film, Satyaprem Ki Katha. The film marks his second collaboration with co-star Kiara Advani. Kartik Aaryan recently updated his Instagram family shot in Vadodara. And, he never misses a chance to feast on a traditional Gujarati thali! Glimpse of the extensive (quite literally) will make your mouth water. Hold up, Kartik also issued a warning in the post, although it is difficult to hold on. The “table for two” features two delicious thalis and a generous selection of curries, daal, sabji, poori, rice, sweets and more.

“No touching, only seeing,” the actor captioned the post, along with two hashtags — #tablefortwo and #spkk.

Here’s Kartik Aaryan’s Gujarati indulgence:

For many, Gujarati cuisine means the (not) famous dhokla and fafda. But the authentic flavors of Gujarati cuisine come from the combination of light spices and a variety of vegetables. Today, we have handpicked some dishes to help you make Gujarati thali in the comfort of your own home. let’s start.

1. Kandy

It is one of the most popular Gujarati snacks. Khandvi is a rolled bright snack made with coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves.recipe here.

2. Gujarati Kadi

Khadi is a staple in almost every household. However, the Gujarati version stands out. All thanks to its luscious undertones.recipe video here.

3. Undhiyu

This Gujarati vegetable curry meets the two most crucial criteria – taste and health. It’s a mix of winter vegetables like eggplant, surti papdi, potato, coconut, banana and methi.click here.

4. Baltoli Hickey

Gujarati food not to be missed. This fragrant rice is made with dal, spices, peas, potatoes and raw mango.recipe here.

5. Shrimp Hand

An easy and soothing Gujarati dessert that’s creamy and luscious made with hanging curd.recipe here.

Are you ready for a taste of Gujarati thali?

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