Last day of Parliament’s winter session,

Parliament’s winter session begins on December 7

New Delhi:

The ongoing winter session of parliament could end today, a week earlier than planned, sources said. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Business Advisory Council, which manages the schedule of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the sources said.

The winter session, which began on December 7, was turbulent, with frequent adjournments.

A heated exchange between the finance ministry and opposition lawmakers over tensions along the India-China border has been a highlight of the meeting, following clashes between soldiers from both sides near the Line of Actual Control earlier this month.

Here are live updates from the Winter Session of Parliament:

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MP Manish Tewari issues notice of adjournment motion in Lok Sabha to discuss border situation with China

Parliament’s winter session could end today

Official sources say parliament’s winter session could end on December 23, a week earlier than planned.

They said the decision to recommend ending the meeting early was taken at a meeting of the Lok Sabha Business Advisory Council chaired by Speaker Om Birla.

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