Mira Rajput in “No Makeup” look.yes that’s a thing

Mira Rajput shared this image. (polite: Mira Kapoor)

New Delhi:

Mira Rajput has garnered a huge following on social media thanks to her candid and funny posts on beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Mira Rajput thrives on her relevant yet entertaining social media content. Meera impressed her Instagram followers with her beautiful self-image on Friday. When sharing the selfie, Meera added a witty caption – a staple of most of her posts. “Is it ‘#nomakeupmakeup’ when it’s always #nomakeupmakeup,” Meera wrote. In the photo, Meera wears light lipstick, eyeliner, and hair loose in soft waves.

a few days ago, Mira Rajput shared an update She spent some time at her parents’ house.Mila shared a photo of herself sitting on a swing, writing: “Check out mom’s house.” She also added the hashtag: “Do not disturb [Do not disturb]’. Mira Rajput also added another hashtag that read, ‘Mom’s house is the best house’. In the photo, Mira is wearing a winter coat and talking on the phone.

recent, Mira Rajput also shared some interesting facts Talking about herself in an Instagram Live. In the video, Meera talks about her love of music and explains that she started playing the piano after a hiatus of several years. She said she had stopped taking lessons because she felt forced to learn an instrument as a child. “Music gives me a lot of peace, it also gives me a sense of purpose and motivation,” she admits in the video. She also shared that her favorite vacation spot in India is Jaipur and in Greece it is Mykonos. When it comes to her skincare routine, Mira Rajput talks about eating healthy and the importance of including supplements in her diet. She also said it’s important to incorporate sunscreen into your routine.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput got married in July 2015. The couple have two children – Misha and Zain.

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