Salt Bae posts old clip with Lionel Messi after ‘ignoring’ him in FIFA World Cup final

Salt Bae and Lionel Messi can be seen in an old video.

With Argentina beating France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final, the wild party started after the victory. Footballers take to the field with support staff and families during a celebration at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. Salt Bae, a popular chef on Instagram, has also found a way to enter the arena and interact with the players up close. He also posed for a selfie with Messi, but the camera captured the awkward exchange as the 35-year-old footballer looked irritated. He ignored the influencer twice, but eventually the World Cup winner promised him a photo. Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gokce, was also seen grabbing the FIFA trophy from other players and posing with him. Regarding the development, football supporters called the scene “embarrassing” and said the chef had “disrespected” the trophy.

However, in response to the online backlash his antics received, the influencer and chef posted a clip of him meeting and posing with the Argentina captain. In the video, Messi can be seen meeting Salt Bae at a restaurant. Messi then extended his arm to Yanbei for a handshake before hugging the Turkish chef. French footballer Paul Pogba also appeared in the video. It seems that the two players came to the restaurant for dinner. Notably, the celebrity chef didn’t mention when the video was shot, but his followers were quick to point out that it was shot in 2018.

Salt Bae captioned the video “Champion @leomessi #saltbae #saltlife #salt”. The video has garnered more than 16 million views and 1.1 million likes since it was shared. However, many internet users were not happy with the celebrity chef.

“Messi doesn’t like you. Stop insisting,” one user said.

“Post an old video to cover up your insecurities,” added another.

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A third said, “Share as many photos and videos as you want with Messi, it doesn’t change the fact that your post-match behavior was completely wrong. You should see in life too when it becomes too much, and You don’t make it better with daily posts. Please stop and don’t ruin yourself!”

Many also requested a “dislike button”.

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