The moment a massive avalanche hit a skier, burying him in Russia

The clip also shows the man’s miraculous escape

New Delhi:

Horrific video has circulated online of a skier buried in an avalanche in Russia. Thankfully, the footage also tells the story of the man’s miraculous escape, thanks in no small part to the timely intervention of a skiing buddy.

The video begins with two skiers on a slope covered in several feet of snow. All was well until the two decided to stop. Video recorded by survivors shows the two men stopping to take a break.

The skiers then turned to look towards the summit, only to see the avalanche coming towards them.
The avalanche quickly buried the man. A camera attached to him continues to record the visual as it is momentarily covered by a sheet of snow. The man can then be heard calling for help. The ski buddies managed to act quickly and struggled to pull the man out after a few minutes.

In India, last month a hiker named Ashutosh went missing after an avalanche near Friendship Peak in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. Before that, 27 student mountaineers died at the scene of an avalanche near the Draupadi Ka Danda-II peak in Uttarkashi.

An avalanche is when a mass of snow, ice, and rock slides rapidly down a hillside, often enveloping everything nearby. Avalanches are usually naturally occurring, but can also be triggered by a range of human factors, such as vibrations from skiers or snowmobiles.

Avalanches and their behavior depend on the weather, slope, terrain and the density of the snow itself. For people traveling in avalanche-prone areas, it is important to understand the risks and take proper precautions, such as carrying avalanche rescue equipment and proper communication.

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