Tina Datta accused Shalin Bhanot of taking steroids.his reaction

Stills of Tina Datta Big Boss 16. (polite: colour television)

New Delhi:

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s tumultuous relationship has fans on their toes.From being friends to expressing affection for each other, the two were touted as Big Boss 16next big coupleHowever, soon they start large-scale battles, usually ending with Tina and Shalin promising not to talk to each other again. Now, the two are at loggerheads after Tina accused Sarin of using steroids to maintain her physique. During morning workouts, Sharin told Tina that he was working out hard without the help of enhancers such as steroids.

but Tina Datta Don’t believe this and say, “Only the weights you’re doing and Dawaaiyan khatein rehtey ho on steroids and more. Steroids ka toh kya hi hain usse hojata hai [You take medicines and are on steroids constantly. So the effects are bound to be visible].

To this, a visibly exasperated Shalin Bhanot explained that he is disciplined and has never used any steroids in his life. But Tina said she saw steroids written on his products. In response, Sharin called Tina Datta crazy and asked how she could say such things on state television.

Tina Dutta then asked Shalin Bhanot Don’t talk to her. “Don’t talk to me like that,” she said, accusing him of being rude.

In Thursday’s episode, Tina Datta’s former friend and contestant Sreejita De accused Tina Datta of trying to sabotage people’s relationships. She even called Tina a “sadistic” and “lonely person,” adding, “God, baby, I know her so well. Many people tried to destroy their houses because only one house could not be found. (She has tried to sabotage other people’s relationships, therefore, she has not been able to find a partner for herself).

This week, Tina Datta, Ankit Gupta, Sreejita De and Vikkas Manaktala were nominated for elimination.

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