‘In response to some articles…’: ‘Overthinker’ R Ashwin sends strongly worded message

One of the best spinners in the game, Ravi Chandran Ashwin With some of the best achievements in the game to his name. However, the veteran wide receiver has sometimes faced criticism on a variety of topics. Considered one of the brightest brains in the modern game, Ashwin is also sometimes seen as an “overthinker”. After the second Test against Bangladesh, Ashwin claimed to have encountered such a label again, but this time, he decided to tweet a tirade.

“Thinking too much” has been with me ever since I wore the India jersey with pride. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and believe I should seriously consider a PR campaign to get the word out of people’s minds.Everyone’s journey is special

“And unique, while some journeys require them to overthink, others can keep it simple. When someone says I’m an overthinker inside the walls, I keep thinking to myself ‘this is how I play cricket, not I recommend the way others play,” Ashwin wrote.

“In the end, I thought deeply about the game and shared my opinion, because I believe that when ideas are shared, they can multiply miraculously. The fact that it might not be popular doesn’t stop me, because my The goal is not to win this war in other words, it’s to learn when it’s over,” he wrote in a third tweet.

In his last tweet, Ashwin also clarified that he had no issues with colleagues or anyone, but responded after reading a few articles on the way back from the Mirpur test.

“Disclaimer: I have no issues with any co-workers or anyone, this is just a response to some articles I read while in transit. It took me 13 years to understand that this word will continue to be a threat and hope some Young people reading this may add years,” concluded Ashwin.

Ashwin played a key role in India’s win over Bangladesh in the second innings, scoring an unbeaten 42 in the second innings to lead his team to victory.

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