US President Joe Biden decorates Christmas tree at White House

Earlier this week, President Biden delivered a Christmas message from the White House.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden got into the Christmas spirit as they decorated the tree together.

President Biden shared a photo of him and the first lady putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree at the White House.

“Just some finishing touches! Hope you and your loved ones had a great Christmas Eve,” he tweeted.

Earlier this week, President Biden delivered a Christmas message from the White House, wishing an increasingly divided America a “new beginning,” including the removal of “the poison that has infected our politics and turned us against each other.”

The Democratic leader has recently taken a more aggressive stance against opposition Republicans, but with Christmas just three days away, his holiday message has centered on themes of reconciliation and unity.

“I hope that this Christmas, we take a moment to reflect quietly and find that serenity … at the heart of Christmas, to really look at each other,” Biden said in a speech adorned with trees, garlands and white light.

“Not as Democrats or Republicans. Not as members of red team or blue team. But who we really are, fellow Americans, fellow human beings who deserve dignity and respect.”

The 80-year-old spoke frequently early in his term of the need for reconciliation amid the feud left behind by Donald Trump’s presidency.

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