‘Decision to send team to India will be taken at government level’: Najam Sethi

New Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi said the decision to send Pakistan to next year’s ODI World Cup in India will be taken at the government level. Referring to his predecessor Ramiz Raja’s threat that Pakistan would consider withdrawing from the Asian Cup if India does not come to Pakistan for the Asian Cup, Sisi said on Monday “if the government says no” Don’t go to India, we won’t go”.

“As far as cricket relations between Pakistan and India are concerned, let’s be clear. The decision on whether to play the tour or not to play is always taken at the government level,” Sisi told a news conference in Karachi.

“These decisions are taken only at the government level; the PCB can only seek clarification.” Sethi added that he would be in touch with the Asian Cricket Council on the Asian Cup, which is scheduled to be held in Pakistan next year.

“I’ll see how it goes and move on. Any decision we make, we have to make sure we’re not isolated.” Sethi also said that if Raja decides to go back to the comment box, he or the PCB has no objection.

“I have a lot of respect for Ramiz and we will never object to his return to the comment section.” Sethi also refuted the previous PCB management’s published accounts of his expenses on his website, saying they were incorrect.

“When I came back to Lahore, the first thing I did was (to) present the facts to the public. The data on my spending is not correct at all,” Sisi said.

Sethi also defended current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s decision to oust Raja as PCB chairman.

“I was chairman in 2018. When Imran Khan’s government was formed, I resigned, even though some people in the (power) corridors told me that no one would remove me. I always believed that (the prime minister) had the right to choose him. Candidate for management of cricket affairs, so I resigned.” Sisi also said he was in touch with former Pakistan coach Mitch Arthur because he wanted him back.

“Mitch is currently signed with Derby County and I have spoken to him. The situation will become clear in the next 8 to 10 days and we have consulted him on the new coaching setup of the team.

“When he (Arthur) was in the team, he did a lot of good work, he was in charge of pushing Babar Azzam forward. He also kept a lot of discipline and fitness in the team. I’m sure he will be good for the team. Good for doing it again if he’s free.”

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