Going viral: Man uses beak mask to eat rice at restaurant amid COVID-19 surge

The restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 virus and the precautions we all must take have caused many people to use their creativity and learn to live with the virus. Everything from office meetings to college classes has moved online, while people have become more cautious about eating out. Now, as China grapples with a new wave of COVID-19, an intriguing video has resurfaced showing a man wearing a beak-shaped mask while eating.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, a man can be seen wearing a mask that appears to be made from two pieces of cardboard. As the man opened his mouth, the mask originally supported by the silk thread opened like a bird peak, allowing him to eat with peace of mind. We can see him wearing a distinctive mask and eating rice and salad with chopsticks. “Bulls like me are feeding on stocks today despite Covid fears after wearing a mask,” the headline read.

Well, this isn’t the only one coming up with interesting solutions to COVID-19 restrictions.Back in 2020, a Kolkata restaurants start offering mask with zipper Let people eat with confidence and don’t have to worry about contracting the virus. The two-dimensional themed restaurant, called Wok’ies, gave customers unique face masks that they didn’t have to take off while dining. Not only are the masks unique, but the store also distributes them to visitors for free. Restaurant owner Somoshree Sengupta said customers can ask if they want to keep their masks. “We give it to customers for free. However, it’s not mandatory and they can wear it if they want,” she said. After the pandemic swept the world, many people began to avoid eating out.

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