‘I’m shocked and disappointed’: Veteran Indian striker unsold in IPL auction

Indian Premier League (IPL) auctions often turn cricketers into millionaires overnight. While stories of emerging youngsters securing big-money deals often grab the headlines, the auction has also seen some veteran stars fail to attract a single bid.This is the case with Indian pacemakers Sandeep Sharma Not even a single franchise garnered any interest at Friday’s auction in Cochin. In response to the snub, Sandeep admitted he was “shocked and disappointed” to see he wasn’t sold.

‘I’m shocked and disappointed,’ says a dispirited Sandeep Sharma cricket net“I don’t know why I wasn’t sold. No matter what team I’ve played for, I’ve done well and I really thought there would be an offer for me. Honestly, I didn’t expect that. Don’t even know where it’s going wrong. In domestic cricket, I’ve been doing well. In the last round of the Ranji Trophy, I took seven wickets. I’m doing really well with Syed Mushtaq Ali. “

Sandeep has always been a goalkeeper, especially in power games, no matter which team he plays for. In fact, when it comes to the rate of wickets per innings, Sandeep ranks seventh in history with 1.09 wickets per innings. However, in the IPL 2023 auction, he failed to find a buyer.

“I’ve always tried to be consistent in my bowling. It’s the only thing in my hands. I can’t control the choice or not to choose. If the opportunity comes it’s great, if not, I have to keep doing good work,” injured Sandy Pu said.

Sandeep, who has set a reserve price of INR 5 million, may not get bids from any of the 10 franchises in the auction, but he could still end up in the IPL as an injured substitute. Player injuries are common given the dynamics of the T20 league. Sandeep, given his talent and experience, could be high on the team’s roster if needed.

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