Lose Weight After Christmas – 7 Diet Tips To Detox Your Body

As we put down our fairy lights and put away our beautifully decorated Christmas trees, it’s also time to say goodbye to all our guilt-ridden indulgences. After the holidays, it’s normal for the scale to be high. But there are some incredible ways to get it back by following a healthy diet again. We’re bringing you tried-and-true eating advice that will effectively shed holiday pounds and detox your body and mind. Start using them ASAP to get back in shape for New Years Eve.

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Here are 7 tips for losing weight after Christmas festivities:

1. Put away that cup of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate calls us all the time in winter. The consensus is that this soft chocolate drink is one of the best drinks of the season. But what about the sudden weight gain that starts to bother you? Stay away from hot chocolate and warm up with green tea, spiced water, and other detox drinks that also warm you up. Click here to see some of these recipes.


Green tea is an excellent detox and weight loss drink.

2. Quit drinking

We celebrated Christmas with glee, some excitement, and probably still reeling from its influence. Before we open another bottle to ring in the new year, it’s wise to take a break from high-calorie alcohol.

3. Tame your sweet tooth

Our sweet tooth has gotten used to all the cakes, cookies, muffins, and other decadent sweet treats we’ve had in the run-up to Christmas for the past few days. While we can never have enough, it’s time for a break. Replace these candies with healthier jaggery, dates, honey, and sweet fruits like bananas. Pro Tip: Use these natural sweeteners for healthier candy. try these recipes.

4. Drink warm water

Lukewarm water provides instant relief to our throats and bodies from the biting cold we are experiencing. more importantly? Warm water also helps improve digestion and speed up metabolism. So fill up your thermos and drink warm water throughout the day.

5. Avoid carbohydrates at night

Avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods at night can really help with weight loss; ask any health professional. Since our digestive systems are running slow at the end of the day, it makes sense to fill your stomach with light food and plenty of protein and other nutrients for dinner. Here are some low-carb foods you can eat for dinner.

6. Rescue Nuts

All those holiday outings and parties taking your breath away? Fuel your body with nuts like almonds and walnuts, and add some seeds. These foods also keep your stomach feeling full for longer. But remember, eat only a few nuts and seeds a day for weight loss.

7. Enjoy fresh winter produce

Seasonal foods provide more effective nutrition than other foods. So, stock your pantry with low-calorie vegetables like spinach, mustard greens, beetroot, and fenugreek leaves.There are also strawberries, oranges, guavas and more for your sweet tooth winter specialty fruit.

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Don’t stray too far from your weight loss goals. Start your health journey anew with these tips.

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