Madhya Pradesh tractor owner tied up, hit by slipper after driver dies in accident

When he went to inform them, the driver’s relatives blamed the death on Amit Vaish.


The owner was killed and seriously injured in a tractor accident in Madhya Pradesh today. Video of the beating – which took place at a local trauma center – is now circulating on social media.

The driver, Mardan Singh, lost control of the vehicle and overturned it in Rampurwa village, Singrauli district. The driver was injured and died while being treated at a trauma center. But his relatives accused the car owner of murder and beat him.

Shiv Kumar Verma, a senior local police official, said the tractor owner, Amit Vaish, had taken the driver to a trauma center when he learned of the accident. But the driver died.

When he went to inform them and offer his condolences, his relatives blamed the death on Mr Vaish, police said. They tied him up and beat him with slippers. No one stepped forward to help him. Instead, onlookers recorded it on their phones and uploaded the footage to social media.

Mr Vaish somehow managed to escape and went to the local police to report the incident. A case of assault has been registered and police are investigating, the source said.

Sources said police were questioning a security guard at the hospital who was accused of abetting relatives of Mardan Singh.

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