More than superficial: Fans line up for Lionel Messi tattoo

Fans of the Argentina team that won football’s ultimate prize in Qatar this month are queuing up in Buenos Aires for the winning captain’s tattoo Lionel Messi and the World Cup trophy. “For the next two weeks, I have (dates) exclusively related to the World Cup,” the tattoo artist Esteban Vucinovich told AFP from the capital. “Some people have booked snake or skull tattoos, but they are changing it to Messi or the cup. I have two or three appointments a day,” he said.

The most popular skin art is the trophy, followed by Messi and then the goalkeeper, says Vucinovich Emiliano Martinez Who played a key role in the Albiceleste final victory against France.

Many fans have been inspired by the body art of the Argentine players, such as angel di mariawho recently got a World Cup tattoo on his right leg.

Civil servant: “I got Messi tattooed as a token of gratitude” nicholas Rechanik told AFP.

“It’s not just about Messi, it’s about the team that brought us our third World Cup and the years of work it took to make it happen.”

Before donning the team’s blue and white striped jersey and kissing the trophy fastened to his left leg, Rechanik already had a portrait of another Argentine football icon: diego Maradona.

“It’s the perfect representation of Argentine football and what it means to be Argentine,” he said.

Football fanatic Alma Ocampo, 20, decided to get the tattoo when, to everyone’s surprise, Argentina lost their first World Cup match to Saudi Arabia.

“When everyone was losing confidence, I decided…if Argentina wins, I’m going to get a tattoo on the Cup. So I did, and the date for the final is December 18, 2022,” she said, adding , “It hurts a little bit.”

PE teacher Ariel Sacchi has tattoos representing all five World Cups Messi has played in. In the middle is the picture of the Argentina captain kissing the trophy.

“I decided to get Leo (Messi) because he brings the greatest joy to all Argentines,” Sacchi said.

However, not all tattoos are created equal, and many fans have been mocked on social media for getting the ink wrong: a fat-faced Messi or a misspelled name are all trending topics.

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