No one becomes chief minister because of caste: Ashok Gehlot

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot says he wants to “serve every community”. (representative)


Congress leader Ashok Gehlot said on Monday that he did not become Rajasthan’s chief minister based on caste as he was the only MLA in his community.

Mr Gehlot’s statement came at the behest of a ministry that asked his beet noire Sachin Pilot, as chief minister, to belong to the Gujjar community. Mr Gehlot and Mr Pilot have been at loggerheads over the choice of chief minister since Congress won the Rajasthan polls in 2018.

Mr Gehlot reiterated that he is the Chief Minister due to the love and blessings of the community, saying he is the only MLA from the Mali community in the Rajasthan Assembly and that people still have him as Chief Minister three times.

“Today I am Chief Minister…I want to serve every community, be it Jat, Gujjar, Rajput, Kushwaha, Jatav, Brahmin, Baniya, Meena. Because, I know no one is based on caste,” Gehlot said in a tweet.

In a series of tweets, the CM shared the event in Nadbai, Bharatpur district on Sunday, where he spoke at a gathering after laying the groundwork for various development projects.

“If all the community doesn’t love me and bless me, then how can I be appointed as chief minister 3 times…. the most important thing is my caste is called Saini, called Kushwaha, called Mali” “There is only one member of my caste in parliament MP, that’s me…sometimes, I think what a lucky person I am, I am so lucky that the people of Rajasthan have appointed me as chief minister three times,” he said.

He said he was the party’s national general secretary three times and chief minister three times and the high command showed so much trust in him because of the love, affection and blessings of the people of Rajasthan.

The CM said he would do his best to wipe away tears for every poor person in Rajasthan regardless of caste, creed or religion.

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