Sheezan Khan’s family watches over son’s death as Tunisha Sharma dies

Actor Tunisha Sharma allegedly committed suicide on set

New Delhi:

The sisters of actor Sheezan Khan, who has been arrested for allegedly abetting suicide following the death of co-star Tunisha Sharma, have called for “family privacy”.

In a statement, the actor’s sisters – Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz – and their families said: “I am saddened to see members of the media constantly calling us and even standing downstairs from our apartment .”

“To all those who have tried to contact us for a statement on this case – please allow our family privacy in this serious situation… We have full confidence in the judicial system in India and Sheezan is cooperating with the Mumbai Police process,” the family said in a statement said in.

“We will discuss this in due course, but for now, please allow us the privacy our family deserves right now,” said Sheezan Khan’s family.

Sheezan Khan claims Tunisha Sharma attempted suicide She was found hanged on the set a few days ago.

“Tunisha recently attempted suicide a few days before her death, but at that time I rescued her and told Tunisha’s mother to take special care of her,” a police source quoted Sheezan Khan as telling news agency ANI.

However, Tunisha Sharma’s uncle Pawan Sharma told NDTV today that she learned that Sheezan Khan had been going around with other women, which put her under a lot of pressure. “Both were eating in the dressing room. No one knew what happened after that. We got a call asking us to go,” Pawan Sharma told NDTV.

He denied Sheezan Khan’s claim that Tunisha Sharma had attempted suicide in the two weeks before she was found dead on set.

“Never, never. She never thought about suicide,” her uncle told NDTV. “She’s stressed. That’s why her mother is worried about her,” Pawan Sharma said.

The actor told police that he broke up with Tunisha Sharma because he was “very disturbed by the atmosphere in the country following the horrific murder of Shraddha Walkar”, allegedly by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala, ANI reported.

In the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walkar, right-wing groups have claimed “love jihad”, in which Muslim men lure Hindu women to convert.

The police are currently investigating the cause of her suspected suicide. They recorded statements from her mother, Vanita Sharma, and her uncle.

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