Shock for BJP MP Pragya Thakur

She speaks at an event in Shivamogga, Karnataka (File)

Shiva Maka:

Speaking on the killing of Hindu militants, BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur said Hindus have the right to respond to those who attack them and their dignity.

The MP representing the Bhopal assembly section in Madhya Pradesh also called on the community to at least keep the knives in their homes sharp as everyone has the right to protect themselves.

“Love jihad, they have a tradition of jihad, if they do nothing, they will love jihad. Even if they love jihad, they will participate in jihad. We (Hindus) also love, love God, Sanya people love his God,” Thakur said.

Speaking at the annual Hindu Jagarana Vedike Southern Regional Conference here on Sunday, she said, “Sanyasi says to end all oppressors and sins in this world created by God, if not, the true definition of love will not be Exists here. So answer those who are related in Love Jihad as well. Protect your girls and teach them the right values.” Also, in response to the killing of Hindu militants including Shivamogga’s Harsha, she asked people Keep knives sharp at home for self protection.

“There must be weapons in the house, if nothing else, at least a vegetable knife, sharp… I don’t know when and what will happen… Everyone has the right to protect themselves. If someone breaks into our house, attack Us, it’s our right to have an appropriate replay,” she said.

Thakur advises parents not to educate their children in a missionary institution, “by doing so you will open the doors of nursing homes for yourself.” “… (by being educated in a missionary institution), the child will not be yours, nor Will belong to your culture. They grow up in the nursing home culture and become selfish,” she said.

“Do it at home, read your dharma and scriptures, teach it to your children, let them understand our culture and values,” she added.

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