‘When any country tries to be the boss…’: Ramiz Raja on Asia Cup controversy between India and Pakistan

The former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has stood firm in the dispute involving the bid to host the 2023 Asian Cup. Despite India’s decision not to travel to the country, Ramiz insisted the event would not move out of Pakistan. However, just weeks after the controversy, Ramiz found himself out of the PCB, with Najam Sethi replacing him. With his tenure as PCB chairman coming to an end, Ramez returned to his YouTube channel to offer some clarification on the “Asian Cup controversy” that has occupied much of his time for some time.

Ramiz, in video on youtube, said he got great regards from Indian fans and got a lot of love from them. But problems arose when India categorically refused to travel to Pakistan for the Asian Cup without any dialogue or meeting.

“I have a lot of respect for the Indian fans and I’ve enjoyed my job in India over the years. There’s no question about that. Cricket breaks barriers, it helps over barriers. As a cricketer, as a commentator, I got a lot of love,” Raja said in the video, answering questions from fans.

“The problems start when you run the governing body of cricket and then you have to make strong decisions. These strong decisions are judged from the point of view of India, the fans and the cricket board in Pakistan are considering themselves interest. They are considering from their own point of view.

“The problems started when we got the right to host the Asian Cup and then India thought we would not go to Pakistan because the Asian Cup will be held in a neutral country and it cannot be held in Pakistan. As you know, the big international teams Didn’t come to Pakistan, after a long time, Pakistan will host international championships. My position is based on that,” he added.

“Leadership is very important when you play cricket. We challenged England, we challenged New Zealand and when they came back, they came back to play. England also played extra games,” Raja said. “That’s why it’s important to take a stand for us.”

“It’s not even news to me because it’s a sure thing that Pakistan will host the Asian Cup. Taking back the hosting right without any meeting, without any dialogue or without any committee. None of the Asian Cup members know this, ‘ he went on.

Ramiz believes that Pakistan decided to confront India in the Asian Cup hosting rights issue. However, considering the status of BCCI, India did not budge and might say “who are they to challenge us”. For Ramiz, this is a problem when a country is “trying to be the boss”.

Ramiz also spoke to the Pakistan captain Baba Azam On the topic, explaining to him why it was important for his team to beat the Indians, because that’s the only way they could be considered a “superpower.”

“When any country tries to be the boss, it becomes a problem. Suddenly we take a stance against India and the situation is not going to be portrayed like that in India. They will obviously say ‘who are they to challenge us? ?'”

“That’s why I’ll keep telling Babar Azam that it’s important to beat India… If we can’t compete with them (India), they don’t think we’re a cricket superpower. We have to do it again and again. Prove it once and for all. We also beat India twice recently,” he added.

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