6-year-old boy in Madhya Pradesh takes his father to hospital in a trolley

The boy was seen pushing a wooden cart with his father on it.


In Madhya Pradesh, his 6-year-old son, pushing a lumbering wooden trolley carrying a man to hospital, played a video highlighting the state of the state’s health infrastructure.

The video shows the boy, wearing a teal shirt and powder blue jeans, trying to control the movement of the stroller as he pushed it for three kilometers. The boy’s mother was seen pushing it from the other end.

The incident was reported from Singrauli, whose video is now widely circulated.

The Shah’s family called the government hospital for an ambulance, but to no avail. After waiting 20 minutes, the family decided to take the man to the hospital in a trolley.

The district government has ordered an investigation into the incident.

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