Apni Party Leader Altaf Bukhari

The event is to welcome PDP Youth Leaders from Samba Sanny Sangral.


Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party Chairman Altaf Buhari said on Saturday his party will not allow non-natives to settle in the Union Territory as he criticized the government’s ongoing anti-graft campaign to reclaim state land.

The former minister called for peace and promised to overturn all “anti-people” decisions of the government once his party came to power.

“We will not allow non-natives to settle in Jammu and Kashmir. The land of Chank belongs to the people of the former Chank state,” Mr Buhari said at an event here.

The event was aimed at welcoming PDP youth leaders from Samba Sanny Sangral, who joined the Apni Party at its headquarters in Gandhinagar, along with dozens of youths.

He expressed concern about the anti-sequestration movement, saying the government had no choice but to regulate unauthorized colonies.

“Even the Delhi government has legalized these colonies from time to time, but they don’t seem to understand the problems of the poor,” he said, criticizing the BJP for delaying parliamentary elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The government has no right to remove people from their land. If we form the next government, we will overturn the government’s anti-people decisions such as stopping darbar move practices and anti-occupation campaigns,” he said.

Decisions on unauthorized colonies should be left to elected governments, he said.

Referring to the demolition of the showroom at the Malik Market in Nawal, Jammu during the anti-seizurement campaign, he said 40 workers lost their means of livelihood as a result of this “wrong decision”.

“Besides the people who sold the land, the government should take action first against the tax officials who allowed the showroom to be built. If there are stones thrown, the government should be held accountable,” he said.

However, he called on the people to maintain peace “We will continue to fight against those who want to create division in the name of region and religion. The Apni party is committed to bringing stability, peace and prosperity,” he said.

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