‘Like the captains of Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc…’: Rohit Sharma praises Indian trio in unique way

indian captain Roshi Sharma Big praise for India’s spin bowling duo Ravi Chandran Ashwin and ravindrajadyasaying that leading them is akin to being a captain pat cummins, josh hazwood and Mitchell Stark In Australia. Ashwin and Jadeja programmed Australia’s debacle in the opening Test here as India took a 1-0 lead in the Border-Gavaskar series, beating the visitors by an innings and 132 runs. Rohit also said the Indian pair always aimed to “reach a higher level” when they sat their exams.

“He (Ashwin) looks like a different bowler. I wouldn’t say an improved bowler because he’s always been a good bowler, but he looks the same every time he plays Test cricket. A different bowler. That’s what good cricketers do. They try and improve their game and try to reach a new level,” Rohit said.

Ashwin, who hit a personal milestone of 450 wickets in Test cricket, also scored his 31st five-wicket and eight-wicket run.

When asked about being on a team with Ashwin, Jadeja and Aksa Patel Of his ranks, Rohit replied, “It’s like captaining (Pat) Cummins, (Josh) Hazlewood and (Mitchell) Starc in Australia. Very similar. When you have the quality of Axar, Jadeja and Ash, in India has been playing for so many years and it is always a blessing to play on a pitch like this.” Rohit, who scored a century and set the stage for a total of 400 runs, said pitch conditions for everyone It’s the same, but what sets these three Indian spinners apart is their ability to get the most out of the wickets.

“Everyone has conditions, but what they extract from those conditions makes them very, very special. They play a lot on these courts, and they know which areas to attack and how to keep putting pressure on.”

Corley’s experience

Rohit also said he had learned some cues from his predecessor on how to work with spinners Villacollitime as captain.

“One thing I noticed when Virat was captain, whether we had a wicket or not, the pressure had to be there so the opponents would make mistakes.

“That’s something I learned when I was captain at Virat bowling with these guys. That’s what I try to do now. Put pressure on, don’t expect every wicket to be hit; it doesn’t happen like that, but If it happens, it’s not like that. We have to give it our all, keep getting the ball in the right areas and let the pitch help you.”

Juggling three seasoned professionals

Usually, when there are three spinners on a side, one tends to get knocked out. Rohit’s bones were amusing when he cited his “concerns” as he alternated bowling between Ashwin, Axar and Jadeja.

“It was a bit tough. They both reached their personal milestones. Jadeja was on 249 wickets and he told me, ‘mere ko ball de’ (give me the ball).” “Ashwin on four wickets , he wanted a five and that’s the challenge for me. I don’t really know much about milestones, but these guys do, so yeah, it’s a challenge to lead them rather than decide whether to give them or not, said Rohit, and everyone laughed heartily.

“Again, all three are good, you know, whichever end is more helpful, all these spinners want to pitch from that end. But the pressure is always on me to find the right one for the right end one end.”

what ashwin did and the aussies didn’t

Ashwin had an enviable 8/79 in two innings with 27.5 turnovers.Compared to Australia’s off-spin duo Nathan Lyons (1 ticket gate) and Todd Murphy (7 wickets) and they bowled a combined 96 balls, no need to scratch your head to see who is the better bowler in Indian conditions.

“Ashwin has played so much cricket in India and is about to play 100 Tests (89). I’m pretty sure he’s played most of the Tests in India and don’t forget his first-class game before his debut,” Rohit explained road.

“A lot of cricket and the game goes into skill and being able to do what he’s doing now; being able to extract something from the pitch, it’s not easy.” “He can throw that carrom, topspin and Slider. This guy has it all. The reason he’s able to extract (so much) from the court is because of the skill set he has. He’s a very studious guy and loves to learn about his game and take it to a new level s level.”

Evaluation Knock

Rohit may have scored his best Test one per cent, but the captain said he would not compare his 120 in Nagpur to his 161 against England’s Chepac in 2021.

“I left it where it was,” he replied curtly when asked where he would place the knock in his nine Test hundred.

“Honestly, I’m not a big fan of putting one hit over another. Every time you hit a hit like that, it counts, so it’s not fair to put one hit over another. Both occur under different circumstances.

“In Chennai we were behind a Test game and we had to win. And, especially when you’re behind at home, you’re under pressure to do the right thing.

“Both (centuries) have their own challenges and I’m very happy with the two knocks. When you come up with a performance like that, you really feel good; it gives you a lot of confidence as well,” he concluded.

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