People who take care of cows will be taken care of by cows: Minister

The livestock industry is not new to India, he said.


Lord Shri Krishna has a message to the world that those who take care of the cow, the cow will take care of them. Union Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Minister Purushottam Rupala said on Saturday that Lord Krishna’s message is as valid even today.

On Saturday, Mr Rupala hosted a session on possibilities in the dairy and livestock sector at GIS-23, Dadhichi Hall.

The livestock industry is not new to India, he said. “India has been raising cows since the time of Lord Krishna, especially in Gokul, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a state with new potential in the dairy and livestock sector,” he said.

The Union Minister stated that GIS-23 is a very important opportunity for the advancement of UP and investors come to places where law and order are strong, as evidenced by GIS.

He also invited investors to invest, saying that the states that the Ganges flows through have no shortage of anything.

On the occasion, the Union Minister also announced that 500 mobile veterinary kiosks will be provided to Uttar Pradesh in March. Uttar Pradesh milk production ranks first in the country.

In this case, through the use of technology, Uttar Pradesh can play an important role in the production of milk on a global scale.

Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister Dharampal Singh also spoke, saying the cow was not only a mother but also a giver of wealth.

He said the state is on track to become a $1 trillion economy in the next four to five years.

“Uttar Pradesh will obviously contribute significantly to India’s $5 trillion target as massive investments are pouring into the state. Today, most investors prefer to invest in the state. That’s why, today, Uttar Pradesh is getting Record investment. Your presence among us reflects that spirit,” he said.

Uttar Pradesh is inspired by a strong democracy, youth power and political stability. This is why state governments are making important decisions today to promote ease of living and ease of doing business, he noted.

He said a stable government, a decisive government, a good-willed government is ensuring the unprecedented pace of development. Every important decision of the country is made as fast as possible today.

He added: “You have also seen how the pace and scale of our reforms have continued to increase over the past 6 years. Our government has removed barriers to investment through the recovery of the banking sector.”

“At the same time, many innovative policies have been implemented to attract investment in various fields, the most important of which is the Uttar Pradesh Dairy Development and Dairy Promotion Policy-2022, by utilizing these policies, all of you investors can get more of the proceeds are profiting through the dairy industry,” he said.

Earlier, ACS Dr Rajneesh Dubey, Milk Commissioner Sushil Bhushan Lal Sushil explained in detail the new policy proposed by the Yogi government to boost the dairy industry.

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