Plan is to lure Australian batsmen for batting: Ravichandran Ashwin

India’s premier spinner Ravi Chandran Ashwin Said on Saturday his plan was to lure the Australian batsmen into batting on the slow Nagpur circuit and trigger their blunders as the home side won the first innings by an innings and 132 runs in Nagpur. a test. Ashwin was India’s top wicket-taker with eight balls for 79 and five in Australia’s second innings on Saturday’s third day.

“The wicket is terribly slow. I’ve been saying this throughout the Test. Not one of those pitches where you might rip off your glove on a short leg or something stupid. You need to get the hitters to drive on this wicket, ” Ashwin said after the game.

“So I’d like to give them (Australian batsmen) one of the two balls to hit, lead them to the shot and maybe lead the other half of the bat as well.”

The veteran spoke highly of the home team’s spinners, as they can also play well, as this man from the match has shown ravindrajadya and Aksa Patel.

Jadeja also scored 70 wickets in India’s first innings total of 400, besides taking seven wickets for 81, while Axar contributed 84 to become India’s second-highest tally in the game after the captain scorer Roshi Sharma (120). “To say (I’ve had) a huge help from Jadu would be an understatement. He’s been in amazing form. The way he’s hit and delivered the last three years, we don’t need to talk about how he’s improved on the pitch and what he’s done for the team. How much the team has added, he is just a good cricketer.

“I’m lucky to have a bowling partner like him. Axar is no ordinary bowler either, so we have a really good set of spinners and we can all hit the ball,” Ashwin said.

Asked about the landslide win against the Australian powerhouse, he said, “I have to give credit to our batsmen, they kept them (Australia) on the field for a long time. It was hard for them to get out of batting form. ’” The early wickets set the tone for what we have today. “

Ashwin takes the lead in India’s first innings chetshwarpurhara as night watchman after prologue Kuala Lumpur RahulFirst day fired Thursday. He went on to score 23 points.

Asked if he had volunteered to play at the three, Ashwin said: “It’s been going on for a while. It’s really hard for me to deal with sitting in and watching the guys hit the middle. Sometimes these days Too much tension for me.

“I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get out and play early. There was an opportunity (in this Test). It came up by itself. My friend Pujara asked me to leave as a night watchman with 20 minutes to go (for the first time in the day) and I was very excited. Gladly took this opportunity.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out and playing. I just feel like I’m in a good position. If there’s an opportunity, I’m ready. And knowing Puji (Pujara), I think it’s going to happen (in the future).”

Despite the heavy blow at the hands of India, Ashwin said Australia hoped to bounce back in the series for the remaining games.

“I think they (Australia) will reflect and come up with different plans for the next game. I’ve tried a lot over the years but I’ve also learned to stay in the moment and stay and that’s important too.

“You just keep working and planning. So, I hope Australia come back strong. They’re a world-class team and we all know that.” The second Test of the four-match series starts in Derry on February 17 .

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