PM Modi Jabs Left Congress Alliance

Prime Minister Modi said the CPP government had increased budgetary allocations for the Northeast.

Radhakishorepur/Ambassa, Tripura:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress-CPI (M) alliance in Tripura on Saturday, saying the two parties were fighting “kushti” (wrestling) in Kerala and “dosti” (friendship) activities were carried out in North Eastern states.

Prime Minister Modi implicitly mentioned Tipra Mota, claiming that some other parties were also behind the opposition coalition, but any vote on them would set Tripura back years.

Speaking at an election rally in Radhakishorepur, Gomati district, the Prime Minister said: “Old players with mismanagement join hands in ‘chanda’ (donation). Those who fight ‘kushti’ (wrestling) in Kerala do it in Tripura. ‘dosti’ (friendship)”.

“The opposition wants to distribute votes. Some small ‘vote-cutting’ parties are waiting for election results, hoping to get their prices. Those who dreamed of a bargain, now lock them at home by themselves,” he said.

Speaking at another election rally in Ambassa in Dhalai district earlier in the day, he claimed that the left and the Congress government had created divisions among the tribes while the BJP was working on their problems, including those of Brus.

“BJP is working hard to uplift tribals across India. We have helped over 37,000 Brus people displaced from Mizoram in Tripura to restore normal life. Our government has introduced the tribal language Kokborok in higher education, “He said.

Prime Minister Modi said that in the Union budget, the CPP government has allocated Rs 1 trillion for the development of tribal areas.

Referring to the fight against COVID-19, he said: “In a country ruled by the left, many people contracted the coronavirus and died, but Tripura is safe because the BJP is committed to protecting people’s lives. “

He called on the people to vote for a “twin-engine” government to continue the momentum in the Northeast, telling the rally, “Beware of the double-edged sword of Congress and the left who want to stop all plans to benefit the people.”

The prime minister said Congress and the left only knew how to betray the poor and claimed people were suffering from years of mismanagement.

Prime Minister Modi said: “Both parties want the poor to remain poor. They have made countless slogans for the poor but never understood or addressed their suffering.”

Prime Minister said houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana were built for 300,000 families benefiting 1.2 lakh people while 500,000 poor were beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat Yojana and toilets were built in 400,000 houses in the state .

He said the state’s first dental college was also established under the BJP government.

In Gomati district alone, Rs 80 crore has been deposited into the bank accounts of some 40,000 farmers without any “cuts” or “donations”, the prime minister said.

“Earlier, CPI(M) cadres used to control the police station while the BJP established the rule of law in the state,” he said.

PM Modi asserts that the BJP has liberated Tripura from the culture of fear and “chanda” (donation).

“Before, women in the state were miserable. Now they can walk out of their homes with their heads held high,” he said.

The prime minister said that with the peace in Tripura, job opportunities are rising, while the left and Congress have crushed the dreams of young people and forced many to relocate.

“Your votes will keep the left away from power and ensure the continuation of Tripura’s ‘twin-engine’ government,” he added.

Citing his government’s initiatives for national development, Prime Minister Modi said Tripura’s economy would greatly benefit from the Centre’s “Act East” policy and would soon become a gateway to Southeast Asia.

“Work on a four-lane road from Agartala to Churaibari is progressing at a fast pace, while a new airport is inaugurated in the state capital, while fiber optics are being laid across the state for better internet services and waterways between Tripura and Rail links to Bangladesh are being strengthened,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi said the CPP government had increased the budget allocation for the Northeast several times.

(Aside from the title, this story is unedited by NDTV staff and published via a syndicated feed.)

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