“What does 10 rupees Kurkure Solid Masti get you?” This Reddit thread has the answer

It can be said that attractive chips and wafer packages always make our eyes shine. When we were in school, passing by a local store, it used to be hard not to look at those treats and beg our mothers to buy us some. Nostalgia, do we hear? These snacks always leave us asking for more, considering the deliciousness they serve. However, at some point an idea that came to our mind was how much chips we’re getting for what we’re paying. Someone recently tried to analyze it and shared the results on Reddit. In the photo of the experiment, the person shows a pack of Kurkure Solid Masti Twisteez, priced at Rs 10, before pouring it into a bowl. He then weighed the chip with an electronic scale, and it came out to be 24 grams.

Now, it’s time for sentencing. In the next image, the person flips the bag over, revealing the snack has a net weight of 25 grams. It can also be seen that the chips are priced at Rs 0.40 per gram, which means that the number of chips in the pack is less than it should be.

“What does Kurkure Solid Masti for Rs 10 get you,” read the caption.

The post resonated with many on the platform and sparked mixed reactions.

“So that’s just 1 gram of air. 24 grams of Kurkure. Myth debunked,” wrote one user.

“Are you showing us your new scale? Everyone knows you spend Kurkure on packaged air, not food of course,” read one comment.

Someone asked: “Are you angry that 1 gram is missing?”

“Try Haldiram’s soya sticks. Tastes better and has a bigger portion,” suggested one user.

“If this surprises you, then I’d advise you to stay away from Joy’s,” said one.

“About 4-5 years ago there was much more solid frankincense than there is now (as far as I know),” wrote another.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

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