Shivraj Chouhan vs Congress’ Kamal Nath on election year vote pledge

Shivraj Chouhan quizzes the opposition almost every day. (Data map)


With the parliamentary vote in Madhya Pradesh at the end of the year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and state assembly president Kamal Nath have been engaged in an intense “issue war” for two weeks, trying to understand each other’s “unfulfilled” voting commitments.

The opposition Congress, which formed government in the state in December 2018 but lost power in March 2020, has begun making a series of promises, including waiving farm loans and implementing an old pension scheme.

However, Chief Minister Zhou Han, who questions the opposition almost every day, recently told the media, “Congress has started making false promises again. It has been in power for 15 months and issued a 973-point manifesto.” “They did not fulfill any promises. At that time , the BJP is in opposition. Now, we are raising issues based on these false promises. We are also raising issues because Congress has again started making false promises, looking at the polls,” the BJP leader said.

Congress has promised incentives for several crops, including wheat, mung beans, mustard greens and rice. Do they apply it to any crops during the “sava saal” (15 month rule)? Mr. Qiu Han asked.

Against him, former CM Kamal Nath said, “I heard Shivraj ji ask me questions about what promises we have fulfilled and which we have not. , but implement pro bono programs. If our announcements are in the public interest, then he should implement them.” Nath also said that Chouhan should leave questioning for later, claiming that people would remove him from power, and offering plenty of reasons to ask questions. Chance. “I feel like he’s doing the same networking exercise,” he claims.

However, Mr Chouhan hit back, saying: “It’s a shame they didn’t answer the question, they responded with street style language. If you’ve delivered on your promises, give an answer. Why do you feel pinched ?” Chouhan said when he questioned Nath, who was upset and asked the CM if he could ask questions.

“You (Nathji) keep misleading people, keep telling lies and want us not to ask questions. Kamal Nathji, stop talking to yourself. Yeh batao ki kafila luta kyun hai” (Don’t beat around the bush, give specific answers), He said.

CM also said that Congress in its 2018 Manifesto for the Polls had promised a bonus of Rs 5 per liter to dairy farmers. “Did you give it within 15 months?” he asked.

Instead of answering Chouhan’s question, Kamal Nath asked about the BJP government’s commitment to provide Rs 2 million interest-free long-term loans to women’s self-help groups for primary milk processing.

“What happened to that promise? Or did you turn the promise of milk into curds?” the congressional leader said sarcastically.

“Once again I request you to observe the etiquette associated with the position of CM. Gaal bajana band kariye aur hath chalana shuru kijiye (stop making unnecessary comments and get to work). In your time, do at least one pro bono work,” Nath commented.

Chouhan, who has been targeting Congress, asking about various plans, said a few days ago that he had so far asked Nath 10 questions based on the opposition party’s 2018 poll manifesto, which the CM called “a bunch of lies”.

One day, when the CM didn’t ask any questions, Nath said, “The CM’s job is to work for the people. Today, when you have no problems from start to finish, I realize that you finally feel better.” Nath Also said CMs should do better to read their 2018 poll manifesto carefully and fulfill the promises made to the people. He said he should answer questions from youth, farmers, labourers, unemployed, women and try to fulfill the promises made to them before the end of the government term.

The next day, Chouhan asked Nath two questions. The Congress leader then asked why only two questions were asked and if there were a lack of questions to the CM.

Meanwhile, Chouhan also made digs at the political affairs of the Congress, especially the face of the party’s chief minister, and described the opposition’s “Hath Se Hath Jodo” campaign as “Kamal Nath se peecha chudao abhiyan” (aim to get rid of Nath).

Considering the alleged disagreement among opposition leaders, CM also targeted Congress for keeping its list of public officials after announcing their names, saying the entire opposition party was “on hold” under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and Nath.

“Even people will put it (Congress) on hold,” Chouhan quipped.

Meanwhile, Nath asked about the government’s commitment to doubling the number of 108 ambulances, ensuring 100% purchase of the lentil crop, compensating farmers for unexpected disasters, and trying to understand why farmers were being notified to return ambulances . The money they received under PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi.

“Why is the Rs 160 bonus for wheat crops stopped, why are you so envious of farmers? The BJP’s promise to ensure income for at least one family member has not materialised, resulting in over 3 million registered unemployed persons in the state. It has also promised to set up Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Startup Fund, which includes Rs 100 crore,” Nath said.

He claimed that there are only six months left in the “Chow Han-dominated film” (government), after which Madhya Pradesh will embark on the path of truth and make it the “golden state”. PTI MAS GK GK

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