AAP Response on Assignment of Manish Sisodias Bungalow to New Minister Atishi

Arrested former minister Manish Sisodia was ordered to move out of his official residence.

New Delhi:

Amid controversy over alleged leak of former minister Manish Sisodia’s official residence allocated to Delhi Education Minister Atishi, the ruling Aam Aadmi party on Friday slammed Deputy Governor VK Saxena for saying he had OCD and had no job other than spreading malicious content to AAP .

“He’s insulting the dignity of the constitutional office by leaking information to the media like this. It’s ironic that a man in viral clips seen throughout the country attacking female activists like street thugs is leaking privileged information to media,” AAP said in a statement, launching a scathing attack on LG.

The AAP claims that laws and conventions require ministers to move out of their official residences after they resign from their positions.

“As far as the order regarding the residence of the former deputy prime minister is concerned, there is a law that upon resignation a minister must move out of his or her official or government residence within 15 days,” the AAP said.

Also, according to the ruling party in the capital led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the order was issued in accordance with the law.

“The Aam Aadmi Party has categorically reiterated that not only CM Arvind Kejriwal, but the entire country is behind Manish Sisodia. The entire country is in awe of his work in education,” the party said in a statement.

Furthermore, the party cited Mr Sisodia’s arrest in the Delhi alcohol policy case as “unreasonable” and said, “AAP has been running signature campaigns in Delhi and across the country and we see that everyone feels that Manish Sisodia The arrest was unjustified.”

Earlier, on March 9, AAP MLAs Atishi and Saurabh Bharadwaj were sworn in as Delhi cabinet ministers following the resignation of ministers Sisodia and Satyendar Jain, who were arrested in liquor policy and money laundering cases respectively.

Mr Sisodia was arrested by the CBI on February 26 in the liquor policy case and sent to judicial custody for 14 days on March 6.

The Rouse Avenue Court in Derry recently placed him in judicial custody until 20 March.

After being sworn in as minister, Atishi was assigned to education, disability, electricity and tourism ministries, while Bharadwaj was in charge of sanitation, water and industry, and urban development. They were sworn in under the auspices of LG Saxena.

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