Can Umran Malik break Shoaib Akhtar’s speed record?Ex-Pakistan walker gives honest verdict

File photo of Umran Malik.© AFP

Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar said he would be very happy if India pacer Umran Malik breaks his record for the fastest bowling in international cricket. He also said he was ready to help the young man. Meanwhile, Akhtar shared a piece of advice with Umran. The bowling veteran coached him to keep up with his pace and aggression, even when he was hit for a run. The Jammu and Kashmir striker rose to prominence at breakneck speed in the Indian Premier League. Umran’s bowling speed is so fast that he can easily exceed 150 km/h. IPL 2022 saw pacer’s stellar performances which ultimately helped him secure a place in the Indian team.

“I will bowl with 26 yards. But Umran needs 20 yards. So when he goes to 26 yards, he will have different muscles. I am sure he will learn in the future. If he needs any help, I am always there There he is. If he’s going to break my record, please take it. It’s been 20 years and it hasn’t been broken, please break it. I’ll be the first to hug and kiss you,” Akhtar told News24.

“He’s very good. He’s very strong, he’s got a great run up. He’s got great arm speed. So Umlan, bowl bravely, learn the art of pitching fast. Learn the art of wicket. Even if you’re beaten a lot, Don’t slow down your speed and aggression. Always play fast and never leave it. When you go to the court, ownership of the ground has to be yours. Don’t rest and train a lot,” he added.

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