Checks to Assam Film Award winners bounce

Culture Minister Bimal Borah calls for immediate investigation (representative)


Checks issued to several winners of the Assam Film Awards have bounced, embarrassing the state government.

The award was presented on Monday.

Nine checks issued to eight winners were returned by banks on Friday when they were presented for clearance.

“I deposited the check on Friday and then got a call from the bank saying it was returned. I immediately called the organizers and they said the balance was insufficient,” Aparajita Pujari told PTI.

Pujari won the 2018 Film Award for Best Screenplay.

Checks handed to other prominent film personalities such as Amrit Pritam (sound design), Debajit Changmai (remixing), Pranjal Deka (director), Debajit Gayan (sound design and remixing) and Benjamin Daimary (acting) were also dropped, sources said. Chargeback.

The National Film Awards is organized by the Assam Film Finance and Development Corporation (ASFFDC). Checks are signed by the Director of Cultural Services.

Cultural Affairs Minister Bhimarbora asked his officials to investigate immediately.

Organizers called Pujari on Saturday and asked her to deposit the check again.

“They said it would be cleared this time,” she said.

“Due to technical reasons, checks bounced. Checks worth Rs 1.8 lakh were cleared on the first day, but nine checks from eight people were bounced on the second day,” an ASFFDC official said. The problem was corrected, and all eight were individually notified Saturday to deposit checks.

Controversy overshadowed the ceremony after Nahid Afrin, who was awarded the best female singer, was recognized for a song she hadn’t performed.

Afrin was the playback singer in the award-winning film “Nijaanor Gaan”, but not the one she showed on stage when she accepted the award.

The culture minister later clarified that Afrin was the real winner and that the lyrics were displayed incorrectly, calling it a “human error”.

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