Congressional MLA’s dig at Pinarayi Vijayan


Congress MLA Shafi Parambil said on Saturday that Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has been “obsessed with himself to the point where he cannot accept any issues”.

“The brutality of the government has suppressed the basic rights of the opposition. He (Vijayan) sees himself as the mirror image of Narendra Modi. What Modi did in Lok Sabha, the same thing happened in Kerala. The government decides everything, there is no discussion happens, but attention will be given,” Mr Shafie claimed.

Mr Shafie said the government had brutally suppressed the fundamental right of the opposition to raise people’s issues in parliament.

“We will fight for this. The opposition is not afraid of the Chief Minister. Rule 50 is the most powerful weapon any opposition can wield, they can raise people’s issues and can oppose government policy. They will not allow us to do this do,” Mr Shafie told the media.

Mr Shafie also added that the speaker retained the dignity of the chairman only in the first two weeks of his joining. “Now he has changed, he acts like a CM’s private secretary or a party secretary who suppresses our rights,” Mr Shafie said.

Speaking to the media, Mr Shafi said: “The way the wardens and guardians behave is weird. They behave like party officers. They don’t behave like wardens and guardians. Everyone is blindly following the orders of the CM to support the government. But We will not back down.”

(Aside from the title, this story is unedited by NDTV staff and published via a syndicated feed.)

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