Consider Imran Khan’s party a ‘terrorist organisation’: Nawaz Sharif’s daughter

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has asked the government to consider Imran Khan’s party a “terrorist organisation”.


Maryam Nawaz Sharif, vice-president of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), has asked the coalition government to consider PJM a “terrorist organization”, Dawn newspaper reported.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif told a news conference in Lahore that the government should treat PTI chief Imran Khan like a terrorist organization.

“The way the government, the country deals with banned organisations, terrorist organisations, it should be dealt with in the same way with Imran Khan. Think of it (PTI) as a political party and deal with it as a political party that needs to end,” she said .

She further stated that the PTI chairman is now willing to negotiate with the government after all tactics failed, Dawn reported.

“The government should treat them like terrorists,” she added.

In a news conference, the PML-N vice president lashed out at the former prime minister for “openly defying the country”.

Khan had resisted arrest in the Toshakhana case and was holed up inside his Zaman Park residence, surrounded by hundreds of supporters who engaged in “heavy battles” with police and rangers, Dawn reported.

“After the foreign funding case, I have no doubt that he (Imran) was sent to sow civil unrest and anarchy in Pakistan,” Mariam said.

“When terrorists plan to commit terrorism, what do they do? They hide in caves and issue orders from there,” she added.

She also said that political and democratic movements always see political leaders or party leaders leading the way. He was in front and people came out behind him.

It was only in terrorist groups that orders came “from the cave”, she said, adding that the same thing happened at Zaman Park.

Protests broke out in many places after Pakistani police went to Khan’s residence in Zaman Park and arrested him in the Toshahana case.

On March 7, the IHC suspended Imran’s non-bailable arrest warrant until March 13 and directed him to appear in court.

At the start of the proceedings on Tuesday, Imran’s lawyer, Khawaja Haris, informed the court that his client would not be able to appear. “He did not refuse to appear in court, but he could not appear in court due to security threats,” Imran’s lawyer said.

He recalled that the IHC had asked the Sessions Court to initiate legal action against the PTI chief if he failed to appear in court on March 13, Dawn reported.

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