India calls ties with China ‘fragile, dangerous’ on Himalayan front

In mid-2020, the two sides clashed in the region (data map)

New Delhi:

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar said on Saturday that the situation between India and China in the Ladakh region of the western Himalayas is fragile and dangerous, with troops deployed very close together in some areas.

In mid-2020, when the two sides clashed in the region, 20 Indian soldiers died for their country, and more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed or injured. However, after several rounds of diplomatic and military talks, the situation has subsided.

Violence erupted in December in the eastern part of the two countries’ unmarked border, but caused no casualties.

“In my view, the situation is still very fragile because there are places where we are deployed very close together, so it is very dangerous in the military assessment,” Jaishankar told a conference. india today Conclave.

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