Jammu court charges Kashmiri journalist Fahad Shah over ‘seditious’ article

The case targets arrested journalist Fahad Shah and university academic Abdul Ala Fazili.


First, the designated court here charged a journalist and a university academic with writing and publishing “inflammatory” articles on news portals.

The case against arrested journalist Perzada Fahad Shah and Kashmir University academic Abdul Allah Fazli has been investigated by the State Investigation Agency (SIA) and has successfully entered the country, an official said. stage of conception and accusation.

He said Shah and Fazili were charged on Thursday by Special Judge Ashwani Kumar appointed under the NIA Act.

The case concerns information received by the CIJ Police Station (SIA-Jammu) on April 4 last year and a copy of an article entitled “The Shackles of Slavery Will Be Broken” written by Fazili and published in a digital magazine (portal) “Kashmir Wala” was filmed through its editor-in-chief and director Shah, the official said.

“The duo, with active conspiracy and Pakistani backing, revived a platform and revived narratives that supported the terrorism and separatist ecosystem. They used digital platforms to spread anti-India narratives from hostile foreign countries in a covert and disguised environment. Illicit funding from institutions and proscribed terrorist groups,” he said.

After hearing these arguments, the court found that the SIA had gathered sufficient material against the defendants and charges against Fazili and Shah.

Fazili has been charged under Sections 13 (Unlawful Activities) and 18 (Conspiracy, Advocacy, Abetting, Instigation, Facilitation of a Terrorist Act or any preparation to commit a Terrorist Act) and 121 ( Abetment to wage war against the Government of India), Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 153B (Defamation, Allegations Prejudicial to National Integration) and Section 201 (Cause of Disappearance of Criminal Evidence).

Shah has been convicted under Sections 13 and 18 of the UAPA, Sections 121 and 153B of the IPC, and Sections 35 (Receipt of Foreign Contributions, Violation of the Provisions of the FCRA or any Order or Rule therein) and Section 39 (Breach of the FCRA by a Corporation Equivalent to The official said the company’s principal or business executive violated the Foreign Investment (Regulation) Act.

He said the investigation had established that the accused had links to separatists on the border as well as some local terrorists.

“Through their publications, they blatantly promote terrorism and glorify terrorists with the sole purpose of radicalizing the youths of Jammu and Kashmir and luring and inciting them to join separatist and terrorist groups,” the official said .

He said the SIA filed its indictment in the case at the Court of Special Judges on October 13 last year after obtaining the necessary government sanctions.

(This story was not edited by NDTV staff and was automatically generated from syndicated feeds.)

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