Malaika Arora couldn’t resist making this quick pit stop while in Bangalore

Malaika Arora’s food story has us drooling. The actress is one of the healthiest leading ladies in Bollywood and a big name foodie.although Malaika Loves to try different cuisines from all over the world, and some comforting traditional dishes have always been her favourites. Want to know what’s new? Malaika is currently in Bangalore. Moreover, it is impossible for her not to eat the local cuisine.Accompanied by her team, Malaika toured a restaurant and even shared photos of her indulgence, which took place in a banana leaf. We could see some spinach dal, sambal, rice, kimchi, kheer and some other varieties. “While in Bangalore…a quick pit stop.” Malaika clearly misses her partner in crime, yoga instructor Sarvesh Shashi, and friend Preeta Sukhtankar.
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Check out what Malaika Arora has to offer:


Staying true to her love of food, Malaika Arora wolfed down a delicious South Indian meal a few days ago. Yes, she posted it on Instagram. Wondering what she ate? It starts with a bowl of thayir sadam (tofu rice) seasoned with mustard seeds.Next, we found a paradise Sambar Cooked with lentils, carrots, curry leaves, spice mix and red chillies. To give the meal a crunch, there are wafers (chips) and some murukku chips. For a tangy and spicy flavor, put a drop of kimchi in the jar near Malaika’s plate. “Food for the soul,” she wrote in the post. Read all about it here.

Malaika Arora likes to eat a classic South Indian dish – a bowl of tofu and rice – for a healthy and filling lunch. Her dish is seasoned with dry red and green chillies, peanuts, raisins, urad beans and of course some curry leaves. “Tofu Rice Made for Victory,” she wrote. Check it out here.

Malaika Arora seems to have a soft spot for South Indian food. don’t you agree?

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