Punjab Arrests Radical Preacher Amritpal Singh, Internet Suspended

Sources said the state government was waiting to take action after the G20 event.

punjab police self-proclaimed missionary arrested and Khalistan’s sympathizer, Amritpal Singh, and detained six of his accomplices. Internet in Punjab has been suspended until noon tomorrow.

The state government is waiting to take action against Amripal Singh after the G20 event is over, sources said.

Amritpal Singh heads “Waris Punjab De”, a militant group founded by actor Deep Sidhu, who died in a traffic accident last year.

Here are live updates on Amritpal Singh’s arrest:

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The arrest plan was drawn up during a meeting between Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Bhagwantman, the sources said.

Khalistan sympathizer Amritpal Singh has been arrested by Punjab police after a dramatic chase.

Police sources say they are very close to arresting radical preacher Amritpal Singh

Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, chairman of the Punjab division of Congress, tweeted, “True Sikhs of Guru will not run away. Although Punjab police are doing their duty. All Punjabis are called to maintain peace.”

Police personnel from seven districts chased Amripal Singh and his accomplices and surrounded him in Shahkot tehsil’s Mehatpur village in Jalandhar, sources said. Police have closed all roads and erected huge roadblocks in Shahkot because they had been informed of Amritpal Singh’s visit in advance.

Police were heavily deployed outside Jallupur Khaira, the village of radical preacher Amritpal Singh in the Amritsar region.

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