Rajasthan Royals posted a great goalkeeping video. Note – Kichcha Sudeep affected it.watch

The name Kichcha Sudeep has become synonymous with Kannada cinema, and the star actor has been a stalwart for decades. Sudeep has been a part of iconic films over the years and he has also starred in blockbusters in several Indian languages. While his contribution to Indian cinema is undisputed, social media posts by Indian Premier League (IPL) teams have shown fans another side of the star actor. Sudeep, who is part of the Celebrity Super League Karnataka Bulldozers, kept the wicket for his team and the video shows the 49-year-old actor displaying extreme athleticism in his latest game , knocking the batsman down.

According to the video, the batsmen missed their shots and when they risked a run, Sudeep ran to the stumps at breakneck speed and stunned fans with a brilliant diving run.

The Karnataka Bulldozers went on to beat Punjab Desser by 8 wickets in the encounter.

Sudeep is part of the new film ‘Kabzaa’ which also stars Upendra and Shriya Saran.

“It’s not a typical ambitious, cliché film. It’s a different kind of film. Today, when we see a huge response, it’s overwhelming. Very satisfying,” he told NDTV.

“Someone asked questions, compared the returns and the numbers these films touched. But I don’t think it’s a pressure. I don’t think there’s any film that can be compared. RRR has a brand called Rajamouli. KGF 2 has a brand called KGF .Vikrant Rona has no brand – just familiar faces. So I can’t even say I’m “pan-Indian”. Except for (movie) Eega. I haven’t released anything that’s big enough for me to say I’m entering the market as a brand stuff,” he added in the interview.

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