Sachin Tendulkar “completely disagrees” with the current DRS format.that’s why

Due to its ambiguity, the Decision Review System (DRS) is currently one of the most controversial topics in world cricket. After DRS was introduced in the Test cricket in 2008, it was subsequently applied to the ODI and T20I crickets in 2011 and 2017, respectively. Aside from the pitch, DRS was one of the main talking points at the recently concluded Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Speak at India Today Conclavegreat batting Sachin Tendulkar Disappointed with referee’s decisions in the current DRS format.

“I totally disagree with the current form, if the ball hits the stumps, it’s out, if it doesn’t, the batsman keeps batting. When satisfied, that’s why they went to the third referee. Then why did they go back to the live referee’s decision? If you decide to go that way (with technology), go that way. But what we are trying to do Mixing the two together, I don’t agree,” Tendulkar said.

Sharing his opinion further, Tendulkar said that he would love to take DRS during the competition.

“Quite a lot, I can’t tell they’re on my fingers (when asked how many times he’d mention it if DRS existed in his playing days). I’d love it, no doubt. Some decisions for you Good for you, and some bad for you,” he added.

Tendulkar further stated that just like humans, technology is not infallible, adding that referees were making huge mistakes even before DRS was introduced.

“We only blame technology, but it is not infallible, nor are humans. Prior to DRS, obvious mistakes were made, and because of them, and because a third party determines fate, games were either lost or won,” he signed off.

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