Virat Kohli’s stunning sprint during Fielding vs Australia showed age is just a

India vs Australia - WATCH: Virat Kohlis' stunning dash during Fielding vs Australia shows age is just a number

In the first ODI against Australia, Virat Kohli ran from offside to the leg side of the ground in a split second.© Twitter

Fitness is not just a word for Indian star players Villacolli. A boy born in Derry, like bile, not only sacrificed his love of food to achieve super strength, but also took his training to the next level, setting the benchmark for fitness. All that hard work seemed to be paying off, as hitters ran across the field easily turning singles into doubles and, at times, doubles into threes. Similar agility can be seen when Kohli is deployed on the ground.

While his love and passion for the game of cricket keeps him going, Kohli maintains amazing fitness to ensure his mind and body are in harmony.

Kohli’s moment of brilliance was witnessed at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium in India’s first ODI against Australia on Friday when he was seen running from offside to the ground’s leg side.

Watch it here:

The incident occurred on Australia’s third pitch in the 11th inning. Mitchell Marsh hit the mat by a pitch Hardik Pandya And called his hitter Steve Smith to steal a double. Kohli showed great athleticism, running from offside to center post and receiving the ball as the pair finished with ease.

Speaking of games, Kuala Lumpur Rahul Hit 75 and still not out ravindrajadya Chasing a 189-run target against Australia in 39.5 overs, India won its first ODI by five wickets for an unbeaten 45 runs. The hosts suffered a top-level crash in a paltry chase before Rahul and Jadeja led them through.

Earlier, Mohammad Shami and Muhammad Siraj They took three wickets apiece as India beat the guests by 188. Australia won 129-2 at one stage after being given a first-bat invitation, but they ultimately failed to count on a good start from Mitchell Marsh, who struck 81 for 65 balls.

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