Woman sues after finding rat in US restaurant soup

A restaurant has been sued for claiming they put a dead mouse in their soup

Gammeeok, a restaurant in Manhattan’s Koreatown, has been sued after it claimed it put a dead mouse in two customers’ soup, according to a report. dinersThe Department of Health and Mental Hygiene closed the restaurant after an inspection of the incident on Wednesday.

Fabien Levy, a spokesman for Mayor Eric Adams, told the media: “No restaurant in New York City has the right to have rats on their menus and we are investigating further.”

On March 14, Eunice L Lee shared the incident on Instagram. She said: “After seeking legal counsel, my husband and I are now free to share what happened to us over the weekend. We ordered at a well-known restaurant in K-Town called Gammeeok and found our most disgusting food. If you think Squeamish, please skip my next two stories. We’re doing this to spread awareness and hopefully make sure the right people are held accountable.”

A video can be seen on the second slide of the Instagram post showing a dead mouse in a takeout container of beef, rice and vegetable soup. “It was disgusting. We had a dead mouse in our soup. We threw up,” Ms Li said in the video.

“Also: We have been going to this restaurant for ten years and we are proud supporters of Asian cuisine and culture. This incident must never be used to fuel hatred or prejudice based on race and I would take issue with anyone using these posts to Adapt to that narrative,” she said in the post.

According to Eater, before the couple banned comments on their Instagram post, the restaurant responded to claims in the comments section, questioning whether there were rodents in the couple’s order.

“Hi. I’m Gammeeok. We’re sorry for the situation. What’s posted on SNS is not true. We’ve been checked regularly every two weeks by a disinfection company for years and found no trace of rats. They demanded money and threatened, We refused, and they attacked us on social media. Therefore, we intend to take legal action.”

Additionally, on March 15, the restaurant released a video showing security surveillance of chefs in the kitchen. However, the video has no visible timestamp.

“This is Gammaeok. The deterioration in public opinion is understandable but regrettable,” read part of the Instagram post, which said Gammeeok provided the food to the couple via Uber Eats. “If a ‘rat’ came out, it could be considered evidence of saying ‘look at this’ when they came to our store, but we didn’t see anything real,” they said.

The manager promised the couple an Uber Eats refund and a $100 gift card “in the spirit of always low-key handling customer complaints, but he immediately demanded $5,000,” Gammeeok detailed.

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