Khalistani separatists ‘use crowds as cover’ during chase: Top Punjab cop

“We are approaching Amritpal Singh,” the police said.


Followers of the currently fugitive Khalistan separatist Amripal Singh led the police on a merry chase that ended up in a market where they had to be hunted down one by one. While Singh managed to free police, 78 of his accomplices were arrested, senior police officers leading the ongoing sweeping search said.

“We decided not to use deadly force during this operation… We chased him for 16-17 km. He hid in a crowded place,” Swapan Sharma, chief of police in Jalandhar, Punjab, told NDTV in an exclusive interview. explain. During a flag parade in the city today. “We’re closing in on him … there are six or seven FIRs against him,” he added.

Supporters of Amripal Singh deliberately rammed motorcycles to divert police attention during Saturday’s car chase. Two vehicles of the “Waris Punjab De” chief convoy have been seized by the police.

“We were directed to grab him (Amritpal Singh). During the chase, he ended up on the single-lane link road ahead of us. While overtaking us, he hit several motorcyclists, some of whom were motivated by divert our attention from the chase,” Mr Swapan Sharma was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India today.

Six to seven of Amritpal Singh’s gunmen were among those arrested, Senior Police Officer Kuldeep Singh Chahal said. His close aide Daljeet Singh Kalsi, who handles his finances, was arrested this morning from Gurgaon, Haryana.

The crackdown on openly separatist Amritpal Singh and his supporters began when they broke into a police station armed with knives and guns to secure the release of one of them. Six police officers were injured in the clashes.

After the incident, the Punjab government was widely criticized for the security situation in the state.

Amripal Singh has maintained close ties with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and terrorist groups based abroad, officials said.

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