Mug Pasta Is Delicious and Quick—Start With These 5 Easy Recipes

Weekends are a time for relaxing and enjoying good food – and what’s better than some cheesy spaghetti? This dish is very popular because it comes in many varieties and can be easily prepared by anyone. There’s a way to make pasta faster: use a mug and microwave.This method makes a small serving of pasta that fits your needs eager at any time of the day (or night). What’s more, you don’t have to use a lot of containers to make it – so less washing up later! Wondering how to make pasta in a cup? this is very simple. Check out the recipe and tips below.

How to Make Pasta in a Mug | 5 Easy Mug Pasta Recipes


Pro Tip: When making cup pasta, pay special attention to quantities and cooking times. Image source: iStock

The basic recipe for cup pasta remains the same:

  • Fill a large mug with pasta and water separately. Add a pinch of salt.
  • Place the mug in the microwave and cook the pasta for 1-2 minutes until firm.
  • Drain excess water and add sauces, seasonings and toppings of choice.
  • Return the cups to the microwave and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes as needed. Toss the pasta every 30 seconds to ensure the ingredients are well mixed.
  • Garnish with herbs and serve warm.

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Tips to keep in mind when making cup pasta:

1. Use the correct cup
The mug you choose should be microwave safe and be able to hold 350ml or more.If you want to add extra toppings, you need to add mug For the taste spread.

2. Double-check your pasta
After 60 seconds in the microwave, remove the cup and stir, then put back in for another minute. That way, you can also see if the pasta is done.
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3. Use the Right Type of Pasta


Small pastas like penne are better cooked in cups. Image source: iStock

If you’re doing this for the first time, it’s best to choose small-sized pastas, such as macaroni, macaroni, or fusilli. Cooking pasta or lasagna can get tricky in the limited space of a cup.

4. Pay attention to quantity
Don’t overload the pasta with too many elements – you don’t want it to overflow. Also, be aware that the chicken or vegetables may need to be cooked before being served in the cup. It’s best to keep it simple. You can start with the recipe below.
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Here are the 5 best mug pasta you should try:

1. Spaghetti with Cheese White Sauce

This is the easiest pasta to make in cups. All you need is milk, cheese, salt and seasonings.You can add other vegetables or chicken as you like. But even if you don’t, this pasta is guaranteed to be delicious. When the pasta has firmed up, make a “sauce” by adding about 60ml of milk and half a cup of grated cheese. Then follow the rest of the instructions mentioned above.
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2. Spaghetti with red sauce

Another classic red sauce pasta with a lovely tangy flavor. You can add about 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste, along with 2 minced garlic cloves and cheese, to make a 1-cup sauce.If you don’t have puree, you can use ketchup. But before adding it to the pasta, mix the tomato sauce with chili flakes, oregano, and other herbs to reduce its sweetness.

3. Pasta with pink sauce

Pasta with Pink Sauce is the best of both worlds. For this reason, it is recommended to mix the sauce ingredients individually before adding them to the (you) can do it pink sauce By combining tomato pasta sauce/pure, cream, garlic, cheese, olive oil and seasonings. Once well mixed, pour 2-3 tablespoons of the sauce into the mug, stir and return to the microwave to heat.

4. Pesto Pasta


Pesto is a refreshing and flavorful green sauce that’s versatile. Image source: iStock

This option is for when you have extra time on hand. Pesto is made by combining basil leaves, olive oil, garlic, cheese, and pine nuts (you can substitute almonds for the nuts). Why go through all this trouble, you might ask? Because you can use pesto in so many ways. In addition to adding it to your mug pasta, you can also use it as a spread on bread slices, or even as a dipping sauce for potato chips. Click here for the full pesto recipe.
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5. Spaghetti with garlic oil

If you’re using a flat pasta like farfalle, you can even try making aglio olio in a cup. Penne or macaroni is not recommended as it is difficult to get the “sauce” into the hollow part of the pasta.because garlic oil For the sauce, combine the olive oil, minced garlic, paprika, oregano, salt, and pepper in a separate bowl. Warm this mixture in the microwave for 20-30 seconds before adding it to the pasta cups.
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what are you waiting for? Try making cup pasta today! As we show you, it’s so easy and so rewarding! PS Don’t forget a slice of garlic bread.

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